RISPAL Paris — Réédition de luminaires iconiques des années 50

The story of the Girafe à Tablette

The massive production in the design world of 1950’s France epitomizes the revival of post-war movement known as “Art Deco.” Free-form believers like Mathieu Matégot or Jean Royère emphasize the correlation between aesthetic, creativity, and technique. Going along with the modernist trend, several French workshops like Pierre Disderot, Jean Prouvé or Rotaflex experiment with new materials such as perforated metal sheets or cellulose acetate fiber. The material of choice at Rispal is the Cellulose acetate film.

A classic in the 1950’s lighting design world, the giraffe with a side table, #14.952, introduces the use of Cellulose acetate film called rhodoid. The innovative yet inflammable material, which can be either smooth or pleated, will later be used as a base for the Mantis pleated saucer lampshade design.